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Sail making is a dynamic and innovative industry, especially when it comes to racing sails. At Bravo Sails, we keep up with the constant development of materials, innovative sail designs, and hardware products required to optimise them. We work hard to maintain our valuable relationships with our key suppliers and benefit from their expert knowledge and reliability.

When you contact Bravo Sails for a new racing sail, we personally measure and design all sails, considering your sailing requirements, rig type and budget and provide you with a detailed quote. We advise on the best sailcloth and hardware to make your sailing easier and improve your performance. Once you’ve confirmed your order, your sail can be ready for installation within three to four weeks. The sail cloth is plotted and cut by our suppliers, Contender or Dimension Polyant, in Sydney and couriered to the loft for assembling and sewing by our team. We are in control of the whole process and therefore don’t need to rely on deliveries from overseas or other sail lofts to complete any part of the project.

When your sail is ready we can deliver and install it so you’re ready to race. We pride ourselves with personal after sales service. We understand that your sails are a big investment and we’re always here to perform maintenance and repairs whenever needed.

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