Oct 2014 St Kilda Boat Club Newsletter

Luke Burrow was the only sail maker I spoke to who didn’t laugh when I told him I wanted tanbark sails for my old wobbly steel ketch and what’s more, he didn’t make one disparaging remark about the state of my beloved old rust bucket when he came down to measure up and provide advice.

He was happy to recut, repair and improve existing sails and the new foresail he made is beautiful, but the real measure of a sail maker is how they react when things go wrong and because of my mistakes things went wrong – not once, not twice but three times and each time Luke cheerfully fixed the problem for no extra charge.

As far as I’m concerned it’s Bravo to Bravo Sails!

Steve Vines

Hi Luke,

Good to catch-up with you today. Alice and I are extremely happy with all the work you and Danny have done on Tramp II and for sharing your knowledge and insights with us.

Sol Kraitzer