DrSails emergency repair kits

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.50.59 pmDrSails® is a must in every sailboat repair kit in order to have a safe voyage and prevent anything from ruining your cruising or racing day.

DrSails® is a ready-to-dispense, versatile and fast-curing epoxy based adhesive system capable to cure in the most extreme conditions, even underwater. It is specially designed for those unexpected situations such as a ripped sail or gear, a hull leak or deck delamination.

There is no brand equivalent product in the market currently. To see how easy it is to use, click here. Bravo Sails carry a range of DrSails® products at the following prices:

DrSails 25ml $80
25ml nozzles $14
Pockets (3) $40
Cleaner (10) $18
Carbon Kit $30

Pick yours up next time you’re in the loft!